WINDUS Metal Fabrication / Assembly

Progressive stamping / CNC stamping / Metal spinning

Deep drawing / Hot bending 

Plasma cutting / Laser cutting / TIG,MIG welding 


WINDUS OEM / ODM Fabricating Parts Display

WINDUS Machining Service


Lathe / Vertical Lathe (Maximum diameter 4 meters)

Milling / Boring / CNC

The OEM / ODM Fabricating Parts / Assemblies of WINDUS producing

Stamping auto parts / stamping engineering equipment part / stamping agriculture machinery part / stamping rail part / stamping valve, pump part / stamping cookware part /stamping construction machinery part / Stamping boat part.

Fabricating auto parts, assemblies / fabricating engineering equipment part, assemblies / fabricating agriculture machinery parts, assemblies / fabricating construction machinery parts, assemblies / fabricating rail parts, assemblies / fabricating marine boat parts, assemblies / fabricating mower parts, assemblies /fabricating coolware parts, assemblies.