Metal Casting

WINDUS OEM / ODM Casting Service

OEM / ODM Sand castings Service

Resin sand casting/ Coated sand casting/ Green sand casting/ Water glass sand casting

Gray iron/ Ductile iron/ Stainless steel / Steel alloy

Profession and efficient sand molding line. 

WINDUS OEM / ODM Sand Casting Parts Display

OEM / ODM Investment Casting Service

Water glass / Silica sol 

Lost wax casting / lost form casting


WINDUS OEM/ ODM Investment Casting Parts Display

Disamatic Casting Line

$1 Per KG for Mass Production of Gary Iron Casting(≤ 20KG per Piece)

6 Production lines


The OEM / ODM Casting Products of WINDUS producing

Auto casting parts /  Rail casting parts / Marine casting parts / Construction machinery casing parts / Agriculture Machinery casting parts

Engineering equipment casting parts / Mining machine casting parts / Mower casting parts

Wind power facility casting parts / Flow control valve casting parts / Pump casting parts / Actuator casting parts.