[Hear from WINDUS Crew]20240715

[Hear from WINDUS Crew]As long as everyone works together and does the right things well, the goal will definitely be achieved.

[Hear from WINDUS Crew]20240708

[Hear from WINDUS Crew]More than 20 years ago, a group of people relied on hard work, perseverance and collaboration to survive the company’s survival period and step by step become the “mature” company today.

[Hear from WINDUS Crew]20240701

[Hear from WINDUS Crew]“You can’t do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.” The wise change with the times, and the knowledgeable adapt to circumstances.

[Hear from WINDUS Crew]20240624

[Hear from WINDUS Crew]When you come into contact with something new, don’t think about whether it is easy to do or not. You can look up information or consult experts and in the end you will find it very meaningful.

[Hear from WINDUS Crew]20240617

[Hear from WINDUS Crew]Listen to the other party’s opinions, suggestions, and demands. When faced with different opinions, we should not be resistant, as different perspectives lead to different considerations.

[Hear from WINDUS Crew]20240527

[Hear from WINDUS Crew]Whether it is reporting work, holding meetings or daily communication, try to sort out and summarize the progress and problems, which will also facilitate the tracking and closure of matters.

[Hear from WINDUS Crew]20240513

[Hear from WINDUS Crew]When facing a problem, don’t assume that there is no solution. You need to mobilize the strength of the team and exhaust all resources, and the problem will always be solved.

[Hear from WINDUS Crew]20240506

[Hear from WINDUS Crew]When problems arise, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid of difficulties, and maintain a calm mind without being impatient; Actively convene relevant personnel to carry out work in an orderly manner in the form of meetings or teams.